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Christiane Spangsberg by Naomi Akvama

Christiane Spangsberg by Naomi Akvama

There is nothing more mesmerising than the human face; the asymmetry, imperfections and beauty all make for a rather captivating subject. But there is something to be said about capturing the face using the simplest art form, line. As I'm sure many of us have, I've fallen head first into the seductive lures of minimalism. Although, I am yet to apply it to my home (I'm guilty of hoarding a serious collection of books and magazines that I just cannot seem to part with!) but I love its aesthetic nonetheless, maybe I'll get there eventually!

Until that day comes, I will simply admire minimalism in all its forms - which currently I'm doing through artwork, in particular one line face illustrations - I am obsessed! To share my infatuation with you I've curated a collection of 3 amazing one line artists (specifically facial). It was VERY hard to narrow it down, and there may even have to be a part two to this post in the future.


This girl is my vintage (hello late 80's babies!) a Picasso enthusiast, and current resident of Copenhagen. The initial moth to the flame moment was when she discovered some of Picasso's animal drawings. This led her to explore the world of one-line technique and thus her "faces" pieces were born. Christiane's work is both fluid yet precise, a true homage to her skill.


A local Perth girl who's pencil prints of faces (along with silhouettes) are a slightly more detailed approach to Spangsberg's. Her use of never-ending lines to portray the entire face and features is mesmerising and I find my eyes rhythmically chasing the lines across the piece. 


This French illustrator specialises in minimal illustration using the one line style. I particularly love the pieces that contain two intersecting faces, which at first thought you would think is a recipe for disaster when using the one line style. But on the contrary, Quibe's illustrations are harmonious, with the connected faces appearing united, and as a result he has created pieces that evoke a sense of passion and desire. 

Do you have any one line artists that you feel should be mentioned? I would love to discover someone new!





The Eclectic Edit

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 Norrman household in Norrebro, Copenhagen via My Scandinavian Home

 Norrman household in Norrebro, Copenhagen via My Scandinavian Home

I've decided that each week I'm going to feature a different decor style on the blog - kind of like a showcase of great spaces incorporating particular styles, why they work and how you can create a similar space for yourself. To kick things off, I'm starting with the Eclectic style, my personal favourite! If I had to categorise my style I guess I would fall into this one, mainly because I don't think I belong to any other, and the fact that I have a hoard of books and magazines that is as much a part of my family as my houseplants, kid and cat (not in that particular order...)

So what is Eclectic? Think bold and personal, a mix and match of styles; a true mashup that would suit those creatively inclined souls (artists designers, collectors, I'm looking at you!). Eclectic spaces are not afraid of colour, and incorporate various artworks in different styles. But don't think for a second that an eclectic space is just random pieces thrown together, it is considered and for a successful room to come together fundamental design principles of colour, scale, proportion, rhythm, harmony and balance need to be adhered to.


Eclectic Exhibit A: The stunning home of Swedish interior and furniture designer, Amelia Widell. 



The mini library behind the sofa houses an impressive collection of books and art. Pieces are styled in a loose pyramid, allowing your line of sight to freely flow up and down absorbing all the items. A hero piece hangs above the rest anchoring the collection and creating a sense of hierarchy. The artwork references the colour palette which again creates a sense of cohesion in the space, even though different styles are being used throughout. Pops of pink and blue play throughout the room, whilst remaining balanced with the other monochromatic styling. Finally a stunning metal pendant hangs in the centre of the room creating a central focus and compliments the gallery behind.

Images from Gravity Home Blog 

Eclectic Exhibit B: DESIGN FILES OPEN HOUSE 2013


Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 2.35.36 pm.png

I bet you guys can already spot similar style cues! I don't think you can miss that epic gallery wall, which again coincidently references a pyramid in its form ;) The panelling on the feature wall draws the eye upwards in harmony with the artwork, along with pops of orange and blue in both the art and styling below. There is no one style used throughout the space, but rather a mashup that perfectly compliments the other when used together with basic design principles. For instance, the contrast and harmony in the rug perfectly reflects the accent cushion and ceramics on the coffee table. 

Images from The Design files



Thinking of applying an eclectic feel to your interior? If you have a collection of art, books, magazines, ceramics, you name it, show it off! Create a focal point and build the room around it. Don't be afraid of incorporating bold colours or patterns, and make sure you have a key hero in the room. Although an eclectic style is a far cry from current trending minimal interiors, it does not mean that you can simply throw in everything into the space without carefully considering it first. Make sure it works by ensuring that it references at least one other item in the room.

Good luck and happy decorating!

Let's Get Intimate

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The Decadence Collection.jpg

As the season changed I felt a great shift in intention which strangely instead of resulting in the usual action or at least a plan to take action, I consequently felt an unwavering need to take a step back and breathe. I know I can't be the only one that gets to the point where you just can not deal with the constant and relentless upkeep of social media (seriously, guys, it is exhausting!) Creating content is not easy, as we all know it requires dedication, creativity and persistence and this month I had absolutely none of it! And then just like that, earlier this week I felt like posting. Feeling refreshed, inspired and creatively rejuvenated I'm ready to jump back into things full gear (a little breather never hurt anyone!)

This week I am excited to feature Lil & Emm, creators of bold coloured swimwear and swoon-worthy intimates. Out of all the businesses I have been fortunate enough to work with throughout the years, Lil & Emm were my very first womens fashion label, and to say I was excited is an understatement!

The girls met whilst studying Fashion Design at the Canberra Institute of Technology, and have been inseparable ever since. Having worked together a lot during their studies they realised their design aesthetics were quite similar whilst each bringing their own unique strength to the table. In no time the girls were collaborating which naturally lead to the next exciting step - creating their own label!


meet the designers

Sheree & Emma

When the girls approached me they already had a logo that they were relatively happy with and just wanted to give it an update. My first instinct was to freak out a little! I find this type of project the hardest as it's difficult to know how much to alter/ keep the same in the exisiting design. But my anxiety was all for nothing as the design was nailed first round of revisions!

Lil&Emm Feature.jpg

"We are unapologetically feminine".

Lil & Emm

It was important for the brand to reflect the girls' love for beautiful things and embrace femininity, whilst also remaining simple and understated. The brand reflects just that! It is the perfect compliment to their pieces, and their philosophies. Lil & Emm want their customers to feel gorgeous inside and out the instant they put on one of their pieces. And the icing on the cake? All their designs are made right here in Australia!

Their latest range is amply named, The Decadence collection - a handcrafted whirlwind of embellishment, texture and luxury. Designed for the modern day woman playing dress-ups in her beautiful hotel room. This monochrome collection is the perfect mix of pretty and sexy, and I'm a little obsessed with it! Definitely on my wish list.

You can check out the full range of Lil & Emm pieces on their website and follow along on Instagram @lilandemm to keep updated with their inspirations and news on upcoming collections.

All images kindly supplied by Lil & Emm.

Escape, Rest, Rejuvenate.

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I love taking on projects that I feel a personal connection to, and the branding for Townhouse Margaret River was just that. You've probably heard me say numerous times that Margaret River is one of my favourite places in Western Australia, so when I was approached to create the branding for a boutique holiday accomodation in the south west town, I leapt at the offer.

The Townhouse is centrally located, and ensures you get that beautiful south west vibe whilst also remaining private and secure. Furnished with modern furniture, considered styling, and all the luxuries required for a relaxing and enjoyable stay, the Townhouse allows you to really live like a local.

The brief was simple, create something timeless and luxe whilst also remaining understated. After only one lot of revisions the logo was nailed and I am pretty stoked with how it came together! Along with the logo and brand styling, a flyer, thank you card, coordinating envelope and sticker were created. Now not only is the space itself stunning, but there is some seriously sexy branding to boot! 

And the cherry on the cake; a little piece of me is going to be floating around my favourite town.


If you would like any further information regarding the Townhouse, simply visit their website and check availability, or maybe you're keen to know what's so good about Margaret River (um, did I mention it's wine town?!)  then check out the guide to Margaret River and start planning your trip - you can thank me later ;)

Townhouse Margaret River

Guide to Margaret River


5 Signs You're Attracting The Wrong Client

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5 Signs You're Attracting The Wrong Client

We've all been there; you get a business enquiry but before you begin celebrating you realise that the job/ prospective client isn't really aligning with you and your business. Some may advise that this is totally ok and that you should broaden your scope of clientele, but I'm here to say the complete opposite! Sure, I've taken on clients in a capacity that has both challenged and pushed me out of my comfort zone, but they all aligned with my beliefs, values and most importantly for me, my aesthetics. To put it simply, your vibe attracts your tribe - I hope that saying isn't trademarked somewhere? In which case...whoops! What you put out there in terms of branding and message is what you will attract in a client.

I have been stringent for day dot about what message I put out there. This can be hard, especially in the beginning when you would like to promote everything that you do to lead to more exposure and ultimately more business. But if the message you're promoting is mixed with no real intention behind it, you will find that you either a) don't receive much interest, or b) the interest is there but from areas you may not see yourself going in or wanting to involve yourself in.

After working with over 100 small businesses over the years I have heard and seen it all. So here is a little breakdown, use it as an intuitive guide for the future, and hopefully you will find your brand message strengthen and as a result you begin attracting the clients you want and deserve!


Do you post 5+ times a day, quotes, images, other peoples work which isn't made transparent to your audience, mixed with the odd content that is actually your own work? Or do you barely post at all and just hope that your audience happens to be engaging that one time you randomly interact with them? You hiding behind the screen, I'm talking to you. This isn't something to be embarrassed of, and you are not alone! This is probably the biggest factor in blurring your message and confusing both your clients and potential business prospects.

Ask yourself, who are you? What are you trying to say? Who are you trying to reach? Is what you are saying really connecting with them? Is what you are saying even connecting with you or are you just speaking for the sake of possibly being heard? Take a step back, and strip it back. Less is more.

If you take anything away from this article, take this away - you don't need to engage with your audience multiple times a day, or even every day. Focus on 4-5 days of quality content, with a clear message. Think about who you are targeting and ensure that your post addresses them personally. You won't see instant results, but stick to the formula (and I mean actually stick to it!) and you will see your hard work come to fruition.


With many businesses struggling to make ends meet, it is easy to fall into the trap of doing whatever it takes to get the client or keep the client. This is great to a certain extent. If you find yourself constantly in situations where you don't feel comfortable or that you are being taken advantage of, stop and reassess. What are your boundaries? Never be ashamed to say No (I, too,  am still leaning to master this). As the old proverb says, "Give people an inch and they will take a mile" and this 100% true in business. Know your limits, and do not be afraid to voice them when they have been reached. People will respect you and your business more for it. 


Sales? What sales? Have your sales been decreasing, are the enquiries few and far between? Then it may be time for a re-brand. You may be thinking, hello I just told you times are tough and you want me to invest in branding?! Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying (you can stop looking at me with those eyes now, thanks). Sometimes we outgrow our branding, sometimes it's simply becomes dated and no longer reflects what our business is and who we are wanting to attract. A re-brand can help re-set the direction and kickstart the business, which will hopefully lead to that S word, Sales!


You've just launched, congrats! But now what? You're not attracting the wrong clients, you're attracting zero clients (yikes!) We've all been there. Hang tight, crack open a bottle of wine because the nights are going to be long and tough. Revert back to point one and focus on your message, be active online, attend events/ workshops, meet people - I still cringe at this point because I am a true introvert but if even I can manage to paint on a smile and jump WAY out of my comfort zone and mingle with strangers...sober...(believe it!) then you absolutely can to. And you know what, you may surprise yourself at both who you meet and the lasting relationships you may build with them. Business does not have to be lonely. We're all in it together (*insert warm and fuzzies).


Ok, there is no point five. Five Signs sounded better than four so that's what I went with. But I'll use this space to just drill in the importance of a clear message. I may have rambled for almost 1000 words, but that's it. Have a clear and strong message! And don't just do it once and then forget about it; revisit time and time again. Make sure that what you're putting out there is still an accurate representation of who you are. Make sure that everything (website, socials, marketing, etc) are all portraying the same message, and then just go with the flow, or hustle, whatever your work ethic may be, make sure you do what's right and true for you.