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   Norrman  household in Norrebro, Copenhagen via  My Scandinavian Home

 Norrman household in Norrebro, Copenhagen via My Scandinavian Home

I've decided that each week I'm going to feature a different decor style on the blog - kind of like a showcase of great spaces incorporating particular styles, why they work and how you can create a similar space for yourself. To kick things off, I'm starting with the Eclectic style, my personal favourite! If I had to categorise my style I guess I would fall into this one, mainly because I don't think I belong to any other, and the fact that I have a hoard of books and magazines that is as much a part of my family as my houseplants, kid and cat (not in that particular order...)

So what is Eclectic? Think bold and personal, a mix and match of styles; a true mashup that would suit those creatively inclined souls (artists designers, collectors, I'm looking at you!). Eclectic spaces are not afraid of colour, and incorporate various artworks in different styles. But don't think for a second that an eclectic space is just random pieces thrown together, it is considered and for a successful room to come together fundamental design principles of colour, scale, proportion, rhythm, harmony and balance need to be adhered to.


Eclectic Exhibit A: The stunning home of Swedish interior and furniture designer, Amelia Widell. 



The mini library behind the sofa houses an impressive collection of books and art. Pieces are styled in a loose pyramid, allowing your line of sight to freely flow up and down absorbing all the items. A hero piece hangs above the rest anchoring the collection and creating a sense of hierarchy. The artwork references the colour palette which again creates a sense of cohesion in the space, even though different styles are being used throughout. Pops of pink and blue play throughout the room, whilst remaining balanced with the other monochromatic styling. Finally a stunning metal pendant hangs in the centre of the room creating a central focus and compliments the gallery behind.

Images from Gravity Home Blog 

Eclectic Exhibit B: DESIGN FILES OPEN HOUSE 2013


Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 2.35.36 pm.png

I bet you guys can already spot similar style cues! I don't think you can miss that epic gallery wall, which again coincidently references a pyramid in its form ;) The panelling on the feature wall draws the eye upwards in harmony with the artwork, along with pops of orange and blue in both the art and styling below. There is no one style used throughout the space, but rather a mashup that perfectly compliments the other when used together with basic design principles. For instance, the contrast and harmony in the rug perfectly reflects the accent cushion and ceramics on the coffee table. 

Images from The Design files



Thinking of applying an eclectic feel to your interior? If you have a collection of art, books, magazines, ceramics, you name it, show it off! Create a focal point and build the room around it. Don't be afraid of incorporating bold colours or patterns, and make sure you have a key hero in the room. Although an eclectic style is a far cry from current trending minimal interiors, it does not mean that you can simply throw in everything into the space without carefully considering it first. Make sure it works by ensuring that it references at least one other item in the room.

Good luck and happy decorating!