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Wellness is Contagious

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When you hear the word 'contagious' you immediately scrunch up your nose and think, blurgh! The word has such negative connotations, and it's easy to understand why. But I'm here to change your perceptions, as on the contrary to common use, 'contagious' when used interchangeably with wellness, means a revolution is underway...

I have always been exposed to healthy living and wellness (I'm talking about back in the days before Instagram... *gasps!) I can thank my mother for the early education, who was buying organic food, and natural cosmetics/ home products for the last 17 odd years. As expected, her interest in wellness has rubbed off on me.

When I was approached to create the branding for an upcoming wellness brand, I jumped at the opportunity. I finally had the chance to combine my love for design with my passion for wellness and healthy living. 

The brief for Bare & Wilde, was just as fun as the name suggests. Amy had a great vision of what she wanted, and pulling it together was a breeze. Along with branding, I helped design the Bare & Wilde website, stationery, packaging, and a wellness publication to coincide with each seasonal wellness box release. 

Not only have I gained personal joy from working on a brand that aligns with my core values, but I've also learnt the stories behind all the great suppliers and contributors, which has by far been my favourite part of the ongoing project. Wellness is not on the rise, it's here to stay, and it's contagious.

All the stunning images in this article have been kindly supplied by Stephanie Ti, the talented photographer behind all the Bare & Wilde collateral. Make sure you check out her work on Instagram - you can thank me later ;) @stephanie_ti 

If you would like to know about Bare & Wilde's seasonal wellness boxes, make sure to check out their website and instagram @bareandwilde