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 Christiane Spangsberg by Naomi Akvama

Christiane Spangsberg by Naomi Akvama

There is nothing more mesmerising than the human face; the asymmetry, imperfections and beauty all make for a rather captivating subject. But there is something to be said about capturing the face using the simplest art form, line. As I'm sure many of us have, I've fallen head first into the seductive lures of minimalism. Although, I am yet to apply it to my home (I'm guilty of hoarding a serious collection of books and magazines that I just cannot seem to part with!) but I love its aesthetic nonetheless, maybe I'll get there eventually!

Until that day comes, I will simply admire minimalism in all its forms - which currently I'm doing through artwork, in particular one line face illustrations - I am obsessed! To share my infatuation with you I've curated a collection of 3 amazing one line artists (specifically facial). It was VERY hard to narrow it down, and there may even have to be a part two to this post in the future.


This girl is my vintage (hello late 80's babies!) a Picasso enthusiast, and current resident of Copenhagen. The initial moth to the flame moment was when she discovered some of Picasso's animal drawings. This led her to explore the world of one-line technique and thus her "faces" pieces were born. Christiane's work is both fluid yet precise, a true homage to her skill.


A local Perth girl who's pencil prints of faces (along with silhouettes) are a slightly more detailed approach to Spangsberg's. Her use of never-ending lines to portray the entire face and features is mesmerising and I find my eyes rhythmically chasing the lines across the piece. 


This French illustrator specialises in minimal illustration using the one line style. I particularly love the pieces that contain two intersecting faces, which at first thought you would think is a recipe for disaster when using the one line style. But on the contrary, Quibe's illustrations are harmonious, with the connected faces appearing united, and as a result he has created pieces that evoke a sense of passion and desire. 

Do you have any one line artists that you feel should be mentioned? I would love to discover someone new!