Esthétique offers a range of design services in both the Interiors and Graphics Industries.

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Interior Design

Home is where the heart is, right? But despite best intentions you sometimes struggle to conceptualise your interior and bring justice to your space.

Let me help you create the interior you've always dreamed of! Current Interior Care Package consisting of:

  • Consultation

Generally occurring on location, I will conduct an evaluation of the current living spaces. Together we will get to the nitty gritty of the project and set a design direction. 

  • Colour SOS

You know that oh so fresh feeling you have after going to the salon and recolouring your hair? Well, the same effect can be had on your walls! A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to liven your interior. But if walking into the paint section of the hardware/ paint shop leaves you feeling more than overwhelmed (exactly how many shades of white are there?) then let's talk...

  • Furniture / Homewares  Sourcing

Shopping, you either love it or you loathe it. But regardless of which category you fall under selecting furniture for your space is no easy task. Before we head out on a retail mission a design direction including space planning will be carried out. Armed with direction we can embark on our shopping journey together, alternatively I will source pieces and collate a list of recommendations.



Graphic Design

Graphics are my first love. I have been fortunate to have worked with many creative and lifestyle brands in creating beautiful and unique designs.

With pre-designed packages available or one off custom creations, I bring years of design experience along with a general unwavering passion to every project I take on.

Current Offerings:

  • Logo Design

Ahh the trusty logo, essentially the face of your business, the first impression your audience and clients will have towards your business. Yet despite it’s clear importance, the logos value is often shrugged off (I'm looking at you DIY-ers). A logo is not merely some typography placed on a page, but rather a reflection of hours of in-depth research, the result of your brand story finally coming together, endless trial and error, until there is that all encompassing “ah-ha!” moment. I live and breathe these moments; I become engrossed in your business and your story so that I can create the perfect logo to represent all that you are and then some!

  • Brand Styling

Oh hey there small /medium / or even large business owner (I don’t discriminate). If you’re looking to re-brand or launch your shiny new business into this amazing world with all the bells and whistles, then you have come to the right place!

  • Print Design

Already have your branding pulled together but are just looking for some paper magic? I can assist with business card design, marketing material, flyers, signage, etc.



Web Design

Now, I don’t think we need to tell you about the importance of a strong digital presence. I offer a range of solutions to suit needs both great and small. 

Let's get Digital:

  • Squarespace Design

Templates are no longer a dirty word! But rather a great alternative to the often costly and time consuming custom built websites. The same process applies as if we were building from scratch, including a one hour consultation, completion of a design brief and setting of the design direction. Once all these elements are in place I will customise your recommended Squarespace template to reflect your brand aesthetic and business needs.

  • E-commerce Design 

In this ever-connected digital age, time spent online is increasing at a rapid rate. So it is no wonder that people are now opting to shop online to save time and avoid battling crowds - or simply to sit with a wine in hand in the comfort of their home while shopping (guilty!) With both Squarespace Commerce and Shopify customisation options available, you can be sure that your web store will look both beautiful and create a powerful and effective shopping experience.



I know, and you know, that no one knows your business quite like you do. That being said, I also know that many creatives struggle to string together the right words to do their amazing business justice. That’s where I come in!

Let’s work together and create some dazzling content for your new website, blog, marketing get the idea! I’ll supply the coffee, you bring the insight, and together we’ll create the perfect story. 

Written magic in the form of:  

  • Ghost Blogging

Yep, its a thing! And its more common than you'd think. I write the blog, you get the credit. I won't hold it against you, promise!

  • Articles

Need written contributions for certain topics on your website? Then I'm your gal. I know my way around this internet thing, and I can create a credible article, with relevant sources and links. Let us not forget the sprinkle of personality too - no dry, eye glazing content guaranteed.

  • Editing

You've got the words down, but just need some fresh eyes (that know their grammar) to look over and provide some feedback, then look no further. I live and breathe this kind of thing. I'm the kind of person that looks for typos in professional publications and then judges the editor (I'm not even sorry!)

  • Copy Writing

Websites, marketing material, social media, all the things that require a well written representation of your business. Disclaimer -  I like to dig deep! I love uncovering hidden gems during our session. These insights which are often overlooked when simply scraping the surface of a business is what makes good copy writing, really bloody good!